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Sail the High Seas of SFF with Substance

Sci fi is about where we are going, but so many resources don’t really tell you where to go next.

Many sci fi and fantasy websites and publications have shipped to the same, over-used and saturated “safe harbors,” covering many of the same news stories, speculating about upcoming movie releases, and occasionally offering a refreshing perspective inside a basically boilerplate, run-of-the mill review. Others might just sell any old thing, others might have a halfway decent forum amidst a lot of disorganization, and others might have halfway decent content but no way of muddling through the murky waters between subgenres, or no way to sort hype from helpful content. Still others might separately focus entirely on authors or fans, but not on a range of audiences. Many are so focused on very tight niche interests that they are a) hard to find and b) blind to discovering other new horizons in speculative fiction books, movies, video games, card games or board games, mobile apps, music, t-shirts, action figures and other toys, posters and all other fan fiction or paraphernalia or sci fi experiences out there.

Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

I wanted to change all that. So I’m building a new boat. I decided to take the plunge, get into science fiction, and get out there. I’m a big fan of science fiction and fantasy, along with horror, superheroes, steampunk, and other speculative fiction. But I’m also a fan of keeping those waters kosher, so they’re easier to navigate and find what you want.

On the other side of things, I’m writing my own sci fi / fantasy book(s). (You’re sure to find out more about it as you read on.) As I am currently en media res in creating my own adventure, I hope I can better illustrate the creative writing process from just getting started, hopefully all the way through to publishing or self-publishing and beyond.

Most of all, I aim to provide you with helpful, interesting, and meaningful “meta” content that acts as the glue between creator and fan, artist and appreciation, thought and action, concept and book, changing times and true timelessness. My quest is to create a map from you to the sci fi treasures—or droids—you’re looking for.

Along the journey, some questions I’ll explore include:

  • What themes or messages truly resonate with the reader companion in a quality science fiction, fantasy fiction, superhero fiction, or horror story, and why?
  • How can the book author, film director, or game creator infuse their work with this formula?
  • How do some storylines or elements from books, movies, and games compare to others, and why are some more successful?
  • Who/which types of sci fi characters do we relate to better, whether from general archetypes or niche backgrounds, and how does that reflect our collective human experience?
  • Where is the world of sci fi and fantasy headed and what does its future mean for our own?
  • When are there opportunities (e.g. events, cosplay, book signings, etc.) to take advantage of heightening the sci fi experience outside of the original medium?
  • Applications: How would SFF concepts or tips for writing speculative fiction actually play out in reality?

There are a few good solid clues out there hinting as to what works well when it comes to writing and experiencing good quality sci fi/fantasy, and a lot of time-sucking content out there as well that ends up being just a waste. I aim to be the “detective” to help you solve the puzzle for a better SFF experience, while avoiding the time-sucker “vampires”. (Thanks Dresden Files!)

A Look Behind the Mystery of the Green Flash & St. Elmo’s Fire

Everybody remembers the green flash from Pirate’s of the Caribbean just before the world got flipped upside-down. St. Elmo’s fire is a phenomena of luminous plasma on pointy objects in the atmosphere, usually showing up as glowing lights around ship masts and sails when there is an electric charge or in the air or a thunderstorm brewing.

Plasma is the hardest state to achieve (it’s very fickle).



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